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about Flor De Campo.


FDC is for...

  • Couples who value photography
  • Couples who prioritize a fulfilling client experience
  • Couples who are adventurous, genuine and deeply in love

Does that sounds like you?

What is "Flor De Campo"?

Flor De Campo is Spanish for wildflower.

Wildflowers are graceful yet unassuming.

They blossom in unexpected places;

under strenuous circumstances.

Unapologetically gifting this world their beauty.

They are resilient.

They are diverse.

"Flor De Campo" captures the essence of who we believe we are inside, who we believe our clients are and what we want my work to feel like.

Why choose us?

Because you should always walk away with more than just a tangible product.

We want to create an experience for you from start finish.

We want to add to your book of mental pictures.

Our Approach

Weddings are memorable because of what actually happened throughout the day. When describing your wedding day you won't be talking about how many different poses your photographer put you in... most likely it'll be stories about how it POURED during your ceremony, how your mom helped calm your nerves, how your flower girl followed your every move & how your guests shed tears during your vows.

Flor de Campo is here to help you back those special stories up with images!

I'm Diana (dee-ah-nah).


I have been practicing photography for over 10 years & I've gone through what I call the "Photo Tasting Flight" which means I've experimented with almost every type of photography. But my heart is really in capturing love & intimacy.

I'm from El Salvador, I'm a Jehovah's Witness, I've been a wife for 4 years and I'm a dog-mom to a quirky Frenchton. Lastly, I'm strong believer that T-Pain did not ruin R&B music. I don't care what Usher said!

I'm happy you're here !

I'm a wedding & portrait photographer by trade, but working with me means you'll also get a location scouter, wardrobe consultant, scheduler, make-up & hair fixer, tear wiper & cheerleader.


I'm Perscilla


I am all about providing clients a great experience! During our time together you'll find me cracking jokes, asking questions about your lives & relationship and just having such an amazing time while getting some killer photos for you to cherish forever!

I'm Kendyl

Videographer (Colorado)

I believe that often the most important things are the simple things. Whether it be the passion that fuels your business, time spent with loved ones or the memory behind your favorite song. These are the things I like to capture & what makes a great story.

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